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Streamline your work with field trials with our automated workflow for plot extraction and analytics.

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generate plots

Extract Plot Boundaries

Use automatic plot boundary extraction or flexible editing tools to generate plots quickly and efficiently, or import existing boundaries from SHP or KML files.

  • Automatic plot boundary detection
  • Flexible tools for plot generation and labeling
  • Advanced plot editing tools
  • Import existing plots from SHP and KML files
calculate statistics

Calculate Statistics

Generate a comprehensive list of statistics for every plot for a variety of vegetation indices, raw band value, plant counts, and elevation data - all in a single click.

  • Comprehensive plot-level statistics
  • Metrics for vegetation indices and raw band values
  • Statistics for plant counts and plant height
share and export

Share and Export

Export all plot boundaries and statistics to SHP and Excel files for further analysis in other software, or share with others with publicly accessible web links.

  • Export to Excel and SHP formats
  • Share with public web links
The Zonal Statistics tool in Solvi makes image analysis and data management much more efficient and streamlines the whole workflow. It really changes the way agronomists work with field trials.

Mats Söderström

Researcher at Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences


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